NEPA’s Barbecue Catering Company – Located in Ashley, PA Back in 2005 a bunch…


NEPA’s Barbecue Catering Company – Located in Ashley, PA

Back in 2005 a bunch of friends would get together every Friday Night in the summer, and they would cook different foods on the grill. One week they decided to grill some ribs and that was the start of the addiction. Although they didn’t barbecue or smoke then that is where it all started.

Then they had the idea of purchasing a smoker so they could smoke pork and ribs. They purchased an electric smoker from a big box retail store. Then, they made some rub to put on the pork butts and ribs before placing them in the smoker. The friends ate a lot of bad tasting and over smoked ribs and pork that football season, but they kept trying new ideas and tweaking the recipes.

Fast forward a few years, and that same group of friends has 3 electric smokers which are almost always packed full of meat because of requests from friends and family.

Due to constant use the electric smokers were burning up, so it was time to purchase something new. The friends decided to get a trailer smoker, that way they could tow it and go where ever they needed. Since their original four electric smokers the friends have purchased their first smoker, which is named AJ, their second smoker which is propane and charcoal cooker, named faith, and then the Twins which is a custom built trailer with 2- 72 inch smokers.

They started catering events back in 2011 for clients and love it!

Everything is made fresh daily and all of our side dishes are homemade from our family’s favorite recipes. Every time you take a bite of our food always remember how much love, work and time has gone into everything we serve.